RAS PÅ SKEIVÅ – Puma Camillê – workshop

Mandag 28. august kl. 10:30 - Fredag 1. september kl. 16:30

VARIGHET: 28. august - 1. september
PRIS: fra 1080,- til 1080,--
ARRANGØR: RAS i samarbeid med Skeivå Rogaland Pride,Dansis,FRI Rogaland,Tou og KRA.


Sted: KRA. Verven 24A, 4014 Stavanger.

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RAS PÅ SKEIVÅ – Puma Camillê – workshop

About the event


Welcome to Puma Camillê's workshop registration. The workshop is open for all (16+), with a discounted price for professionals who are members of DansiS (Dansekunst i Stavangerregionen) or KRA (Kunst Rom Arbeid). If you have any questions or concerns about the workshop, or if the workshop fee is an issue for you, please contact us at kunstromarbeid@gmail.com.

We would love to have you join us!

About the Workshop

Puma Camillê is a leading Brazilian multi-artist pushing the art form further through a hybridised performance style, combining capoeira with voguing. For this workshop, Puma invites you to join the Choreography LAB workshop, regardless of your dance experience. The workshop is open to everyone, and Puma will share her movement practice and research to create an amazing choreography with the group.

The workshop's main goal is to connect the experiences of Black people and the LGBTQIAPN+ community through the lens of Capoeira and the Ballroom community. The workshop encourages a free and fluid mind and body flow without societal standards and expectations. Participants are encouraged to explore their physicality within their limits and express themselves authentically without pressure to perform or conform. Everyone is welcome to explore the art forms of Capoeira and Vogue while honouring ancestral traditions and inspiring creativity, continuity, authenticity, and fluidity.

For the final day of the workshop (01/09), participants are invited to perform together with Puma Camillê at the Drag Night event at TOU, during Skeivå Rogaland Pride. The schedule for this day will be announced shortly. Performing is not mandatory to join the workshop.

Puma Camillê is a powerful and innovative multi-artist from Brazil who skillfully blends capoeira and voguing to express herself uniquely. Being a black trans woman, Puma sees a connection between these two styles - a philosophy of resistance and rebellion. Capoeira has its roots in resistance against slavery, while voguing celebrates the emergence of queer identities in 1980s Harlem.

Born in São Paulo, Puma discovered the Vogue scene while travelling for capoeira events. She noticed similarities between the two movement styles due to their shared philosophy of resistance and rebellion. As a result, she developed a distinct practice incorporating elements from both.. Through her experiences as a black trans woman, Puma found in both art forms a sense of defiance – capoeira as a form of resistance from slavery, and voguing as a celebration of queer identities amid the LGBTQIA-phobic landscape of ‘80s Harlem – each with their origins in the search for freedom.

Event date:  

August 28th to September 1st

*Participants are invited to join Puma Camillê for Drag Night at Tou during Skeivå Rogaland Pride on September 1st. Please note that on Friday, we will not have a workshop, but we will set a time to prepare for the performance at Tou - for those that want to perform with Puma.

Event Time:

Morning // group I

Monday - Thursday: Workshop from 10:30 to 14:00*

Friday: Preparations for the Drag Night performance at TOU (schedule TBA).

*There will be breaks

Afternoon // group II

Monday - Thursday: Workshop from 16:30 to 20:00*

Friday: Preparations for the Drag Night performance at TOU (schedule TBA).

*There will be breaks

Event Address: KRA

Verven 24A, 4014 Stavanger.  

Workshop Fee:

1080, -

720,- (Dansis and KRA members)

*For ages 16+